Daily Classes (Boys & Girls)

Day Subject Time
Monday Quran-e-Pak 5pm - 7pm
Tuesday Quran-e-Pak 5pm - 7pm
Wednesday Quran-e-Pak 5pm - 7pm
Thursday Islamic Studies 5pm - 7pm
Friday Islamic Studies 5pm - 7pm

Nikkah Service

If you or know someone who is now ready to completed their Nikkah [Islamic Marriage Ceremony] and need a mature sensible Imam to conduct the service in English and Arabic but at the same time to counsel both parties with sound and common sense advice around marriage and roles and responsibilities and wider family and guests in your most important day of your life, without the stress and in a professional manner, then please contact us as we are more than happy to provide that service!


Every Thursday Evening

Food Bank

Food bank volunteers are driven by love, compassion and the willingness to help. It is their aim to take the time to listen and make you feel supported during your visit to the food bank.